8A27M: 580 CCA (Cold Crank Amps); 900 Ref.


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Optima OPT8014-045 YellowTop Dual Purpose — Best Dual-Purpose Battery; 7.

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Click for reviews | privacy policy. . 12 Volt, 55 Ah, 750 CCA.

Group size: 51R.

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. Cart.


Deka Battery.

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Deka 9A51R AGM Intimidator Battery.


Deka Intimidator 9A94R AGM Battery.

Includes handle.

Flush manifold vented cover. 5Ah. Add to Cart.

. Dimensions: 13" x 6. MCA (Reference Crank Amps -32°F); 175 R. Easy fit and efficient design allows for easy installation in more applications. Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power. DEKA EXTREME 12V 400 CCA POWERSPORTS BATTERY (FACTORY SEALED, READY FOR INSTALLATION) *Battery part number is ETX30LA.

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